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UNITEKE Pro Services began in Bakersfield, CA (Kern County) in 2012.  It quickly worked its way into the industry earning trust and respect with our clients.  Our primary focal point was to establish a trustworthy relationship by providing world class service. Restricting ourselves to remain local and available for our neighboring counties.  Word of mouth of such quality service quickly spread throughout neighboring Fresno, and L.A County.  Operating as a family owned business has allowed us to remain very competitive and very affordable.

UNITEKE Will Beat Any Written Estimate GUARANTEED

UNITEKE Pro Services will provide you with a non-chemical remediation approach.  We will clean all bird, rodent, bat, & any other wild life feces and nesting materials.  Completely eliminate all visible and accessible entry points and install physical deterrents to keep pest wild life out of designated areas.

UNITEKE Pro Services is Licensed, Bonded, & Insured, and ALL of our work is backed by our 100% TEKESHIELD GUARANTEE.